Arts 4 Dementia – Dance Workshop

Empowering people with dementia through artistic stimulation, whether you are a dancer or just love to dance, you will enjoy Laura Harvey’s Class. With its focus on contemporary dance through gentle movement exercises and sequences, these will help with mobility, memory and coordination.

Dance workshops at Rambert, Southbank, to re-energise people embarking on their journey with dementia, each with a companion.

Date: 2nd December 2013 and 6th January 2014

Time: 2 pm- 4pm


Address: 99 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP ( Full access for disabled visitors), there are three metered parking bays nearby.

Transport: Buses 381 and RV1, bus stop ”Coin St”, Waterloo station is 10 minute’s walk.

To Register :

Contact Hayley Ovens, Arts 4 Demetia on 020 8780 5217 or email:

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What Participants Say about our dance workshops:

‘ I was astounded to have dancing in me. I’m rediscovering my abilities and my balance.’

‘ One can be free and explore different movements. The studio exudes energy!’

‘ Flying free as a bird around the studio, you forget your troubles.’