Care Act delays: what are the implications?

Following the Budget in July, the Welfare Reform and Work Bill has been published which will put into law many of the policy changes relating to social security. This includes measures to freeze many working age benefits, bring the amount paid to those in the Work Related Activity Group of Employment Support Allowance in line with Job Seekers Allowance and lower the benefit cap. Our new policy briefing looks at the measures in the Bill, how these may impact on carers and how Carers UK is working to exempt carers or mitigate the impact on them.

Welfare Reform and Work Bill: what might this mean for carers?

It was also announced in July that the second part of the Care Act 2014 – relating to a new cap on the costs of care and a new appeals system – will now not become law until 2020, rather than April 2016. Our new briefing looks in more detail at what measures will be delayed and what this means for families.

Delayed implementation of Care Act phase two: Implications for carers, their families and the wider care system