Carers Trust launches new employment guide for young adult carers

The handbook, ‘Getting into Work: a Guide for Young Adult Carers in England’ gives young adult carers advice and information on how to overcome the difficulties they may face in finding and staying in employment. It offers guidance on how to find a job, the application process and how to balance work with a caring role.
The handbook is broken down into easy to read sections which explore:
Gail Scott Spicer, Chief Executive of Carers Trust comments: “We know that many young adult carers struggle to find work. We also know that once in work it can be very difficult for them to juggle working with caring. Often just admitting that they are a carer is difficult. This guide will help young adult carers understand their rights and also give them advice and tips which will help them in their job search and help them to explain to potential employers what being an unpaid carer involves.”
The handbook was written following a consultation event with 22 young adult carers from across the Carers Trust Network, their support workers and four employers. The content is based on what these young adult carers told us were the barriers they face in finding and staying in employment and their solutions.