Carers UK – Mental capacity survey

Do you care for someone with a significant learning disability or a form of dementia or someone who lacks the capacity to make decisions about their care?

I am writing to draw your attention to a survey on our website about issues carers face around mental capacity. You’ll find here

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has asked us to produce a guidance booklet and web-based resource for carers about mental capacity issues in health and social care. The survey has already generated a lot of interest and will help us to make sure that the guidance is as useful as possible.

Carers UK are holding a meeting near London Bridge on 28th September between 2.00 and 4.00pm to continue consulting carers and to provide an opportunity to talk about your experiences on video for those of you who want to. There will be a follow up meeting on 10th November to comment on the first draft of the booklet.

We have some money to meet transport costs and to pay for replacement care to free you up to attend the meeting. When you complete the survey please let me know (using the section at the end) if you would be interested in coming to this meeting.

Many thanks for your help

Jean Gould
Carers UK Specialist Legal Trainer