Community Catalysts launches Small Good Stuff

Community Catalysts is a Community Interest Company that works through local partners to help enterprising people and community organisations to offer care and support to local people. The care and support they offer is always on a very small (micro) scale, really personal and often delivered in creative and quirky ways. In this way we help people to get the care and help they need to live the life they want

Over the last few years we have worked directly in lots of communities including Nottinghamshire, Wigan, Hertfordshire, Worcestershire, Ayrshire, Southwark and Peterborough. Despite this we get really frustrated that we can’t support small community enterprises everywhere – especially as we often get calls for help from some amazing and sometimes desperate folks across the UK.

We turned this frustration into energy and used it to develop Small Good Stuff.

Small Good Stuff does two things. Firstly it links:

It does this by providing an accessible web directory, that is totally free of charge and gives the little guys a chance to show people the splendid things they can offer.

Secondly Small Good Stuff offers people or organisations who offer support or care to people in their local community on a very small scale:

So Small Good Stuff is the place that small community organisations can go to get the help they need, see Resources and Support Providers for more information.

If you’re running (or planning to run) a small community organisation, are looking for a quirky, local care or support provider or are simply curious….take a look!

Van Gogh said ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’ and here at Small Good Stuff we couldn’t agree more!