Consulting Carers on the NHS Constitution

The Department of Health has invited carers and Carers’ Centres to respond to the consultation on the NHS Constitution. Here is their invitation:

The NHS Constitution brought together in one place what the NHS does, what it stands for and the commitments it should live up to.  It describes and renews our commitment to the values and enduring principles of the NHS.  It is also a living document that needs to reflect what matters and is relevant to the needs of patients, the public and staff in the 21st century.  A consultation on proposals to introduce two new patient rights into the Constitution was launched on 10 November.  The proposed rights are to:

The consultation also seeks views on areas where we believe we will soon be able to offer rights, such as dentistry, evening and weekend access to GPs, personal health budgets, the ability to choose to die at home and rapid access to diagnostic tests.   Views on the proposed new role of Constitution Champion are also sought.  The consultation process is being run locally by PCTs and coordinated by SHAs..  We would like to encourage all carers to contribute to the consultation locally.  Responses to the centrally run national consultation process on behalf of national organisations are also welcome, details of which are available here:


Response can be made at the above website. The closing date for responses is 5 February 2010.