New report on support for older people

Councils not consulting adequately on services for older people

Counsel and Care, the national charity working with older people, their families and carers, is dismayed at the investigation results published by Community Care.  An investigation revealed that one out of ten councils could have increased their charges for adult social care services before going through the full consultation process, a legal obligation since 2006.

Elizabeth Lodge, Head of Services, Counsel and Care said: “Given recent news about the lack of quality services for older people, this blatant disregard for their views by councils is appalling. We understand that there is a squeeze on Local Authority budgets but it is not the most vulnerable, those who receive social care from their council, who should suffer without due regard to their needs.”

“Councils should be listening to the voices of older people as it is their duty to meet the needs of those who rely on them for care services. We are deeply disappointed to hear that such decisions are being made without true consideration of the service users themselves and would urge councils to rethink their care charging practices in light of this investigation.”