Death in the Ice: The Shocking Story of Franklin’s Final Expedition.

129 men, under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin, left England in 1845 to navigate the Northwest passage, through the Arctic to Asia. But they were never heard from again. What happened to them — did the ship sink? Did they freeze to death? Or did they starve and resort to cannibalism?

Death in the Ice at National Maritime Museum examines this fateful voyage and the many expeditions that attempted to find Franklin and his men. It starts with the tour de force that was Lady Franklin calling on everyone she could find to recover her husband’s expedition, and goes right through to the recent Canadian expedition which found the remains of the two ships of the expedition — Erebus and Terror.

As tickets are so limited we can only offer 1 ticket per carer, to request a ticket please call the office on 020 7708 4497, passes must be collected by Friday 22nd December at 12:00 noon.

Exhibition runs until 7th January.


The National Maritime Museum, Park Row, London SE10 9NF 6TE
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