Disabilities Hub Consultation

The proposal is to develop a disability hub which will provide a range of services for people with disabilities at Southwark Resource Centre. This will provide information, advice and care and support including structured day services.
The council wants to now seek the views from people who are or may be affected by these proposals.
Responses can be provided on-line at: www.southwark.gov.uk/disabilities-hub
An easy ready survey is also available to download and return to:
Southwark Council
Adult Social Care Disabilities Survey (4/1)
160 Tooley Street
The consultation period will end on Monday, 7 August 2017.
Saz Siddique
Programme Manager
Children’s and Adults’ Services
Southwark Council
PO Box 64529
London, SE1P 5LX
Tel: 020 7525 2362