Help for private tenants with their rent

Major changes to the help that private tenants get with their rent

The government has introduced new rules that make changes to local housing allowance (LHA) – the help you get to pay your rent. These changes may mean that you get less help.

These changes are for people who have a private landlord – so they don’t apply to council tenants or housing association tenants.

Maximum amounts of Local Housing Allowance

The maximum amount of LHA for a one bedroom property is now £250 per week.

£290 per week for a two bedroom property

£340 per week for a three bedroom property

£400 per week for a four bedroom property

The amount allowed for a 4 bedroom property is the maximum you can get, even if you have a larger family and need more than 4 bedrooms.

The changes affect all new claims from April 2011 and existing claimants 9 months after annual review unless size of household changes.

When the council works out how much LHA people will be entitled to they have to look at the average rents in the lowest 30% of the market.

If your rent is higher than this, you will be expected to find money to meet the shortfall in your rent.