Help improve the home treatments service

Have you recently (within the last year) used a home treatment service?

Or are you a family member or carer of someone who has recently used a home treatment service?

If so, you will have a real understanding of what it is like to use or support someone who uses the home treatment services.  Your understanding, ideas and feedback could help us improve the services.

We would like to invite you to a:

Group meeting where we will be trying to find out what is important when:

At the meeting, people who use services and family members/carers will be able to talk separately about these things.  People with experience of using mental health services will facilitate the discussions as we have found that people often feel more comfortable and able to give honest feedback if staff are not present.

Date: Wednesday 5th October

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Venue: 111DenmarkHill – On theMaudsleyHospitalSite

To book a place, please contact:

Alice Glover – Patient & Public Involvement Lead

Tel: 020 3228 0959   Email: