How to keep well in the summer

A guide to being healthy when it’s hot

Drink more water when it’s HOT, When the weather is hot, our bodies  get sweaty, you may get a headache, you may get a urinary tract infection , you may feel sick, you may feel constipated,you might have to go to the hospital and avoid frizzy pop,tea and coffee.

It’s good to drink squash and juice in hot weather.

We like to go out in the sunshine, but we need to be careful, it can burn our skin. Also being in the sunshine too long can cause skin cancer.

stay out of the sun in the middle of the day

Stay cool, sit under a tree.

Wearing a hat to stop your head from burning.

Wear a long sleeved shirt.

Use sun-tan lotion to protect your skin .

Do things to keep cool at home too, open the windows to let in fresh air and close the curtains if it’s hot and sunny.

Use a fan to cool the air.

Having a cool shower will help you feel cool.

Sleep with just a sheet on the bed

Enjoy the summer safely!:-)