Independent travel training bus

The independent travel training bus is a monthly opportunity for people with disabilities and special education needs to gain experience and seek advice about all aspects of travelling by public transport.

Starting at the Humphrey Street bus stop (Old Kent Road) the bus takes a circular route  around Salter Road, and Canada Water before returning to Humphrey Street.

On the bus there are members of the Road Safety Team, TfL Travel Mentors and the Met Police Safer Transport Team all their to offer advice and guidance. The team run a series of scenarios around the route which highlight possible problems that passengers may encounter and ways to cope. On each trip there is space for one wheelchair user and this also offers an opportunity to be able practicing getting on and off the bus and getting into the space.

Dates for this year:

Morning:  10:15am – 12:00 noon

Afternoon:  12:30pm – 2pm

Humphrey Street bus stand (behind Tesco Old Kent Road)

If you are interested in taking a place on the bus please contact Vivienne Harris on 07983 443 545 or email