NHS must do more to help people stay healthy, says new boss

On his first day as chief executives of NHS England Simon Stevens says the NHS ” does a great job” when people get sick but needs to “do more” to help people stay healthy in the first place

The new boss of the NHS has visited a town hospital in the north of England on his first day in the job.

Simon Stevens, 47, spent time meeting staff and patients at Shotley Bridge Hospital in County Durham.

The former president of a US private healthcare firm started his career at the hospital as a trainee manager 25 years ago.

Speaking at the hospital, he said: “I’m spending my first day back in the job meeting patients, nurses and doctors here where I first started in the NHS.

“It’s clear from talking to patients that the quality of care is fantastic. But I think there’s also a reaisationl that we need to support people better to help people stay healthy.”