Southwark gears up to deliver hundreds more new council homes

The bulk of these homes are in an application that has gone to planning along Commercial Way in Peckham where there will 109 new homes, including 35 intermediate homes and 74 council homes. Two more planning applications have been submitted for the Goschen Estate in Camberwell and Rye Hill in Peckham Rye with 17 and 23 new homes respectively.

Planning permission has already been granted for six other applications; 14 homes on Nunhead Lane, 12 on Tenda Road in Bermondsey, 21 on the Kinglake Estate on the Old Kent Road, 29 at Meeting House Lane in Peckham, 17 on Pelier Street in Walworth and 14 at Haddonfield in Rotherhithe.

These homes are part of the council’s Direct Delivery programme where the council is building new homes on infill sites on existing housing estate land. A further 50 new homes were given planning permission last week on Albion Street, Rotherhithe, as part of the council’s Southwark Regeneration in Partnership (SRiP) programme. Half of the Albion Street homes will be at council rents, 12 will be intermediate and 13 will be sold privately to help fund the building programme. A decision is due tonight (Monday 11 September) on 14 social homes and 12 intermediate homes on the former Albion Civic Centre.

So far, just over 180 social rent homes have either got planning permission or are going through planning as part of the SRiP programme which sees the council working with developers to deliver homes on non-housing estate land that the council owns.

Cllr Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration and new homes, said: “Southwark Council continues to tackle the housing crisis head-on by delivering new homes of all kinds for our residents, a key part of this work is our ground-breaking programme to build 11,000 new council homes, the largest new council home build programme in the country.

“With 360 new council homes already complete with residents already moved in and these sites ready to start soon, we are leading the charge to provide quality affordable homes for our residents.”

“The new homes we are building are of the highest quality and the first of the new homes at Willow Walk were recognised by the national Local Authority Building Control Awards. We are ensuring that quality in delivery continues by using our Southwark Council Housing Design Guide which sets out clearly the standards that our architects and delivery partners must meet or exceed.”

The council has agreed 50 per cent of all new council homes are offered as local lettings in the first instance so local residents can benefit from the developments.