Theresa May commits to votes on no-deal Brexit or Article 50 extension

Theresa May has promised MPs votes on a no-deal Brexit or a delay to Brexit, if the House of Commons once again rejects her EU withdrawal agreement.

The prime minister vowed to give MPs the chance to express their consent for either outcome should they vote down her revised Brexit deal, which she has pledged to bring back to the Commons by 12 March.

Last month, MPs overwhelming rejected her agreement with Brussels and – if this were to happen again – they will now get a vote on whether to support the UK leaving the EU without a divorce deal by 13 March.

If the Commons rejects a no-deal Brexit, which is likely, MPs will then get a vote on a “short, limited extension” to the Article 50 period by 14 March.

This would postpone Brexit beyond the UK’s scheduled departure date of 29 March, although Mrs May argued a “one-off” extension to the Article 50 period – for negotiating Britain’s exit – could only last to the end of June.