‘A victory for parent carers’ as Government agrees law change

Welcoming the publication of an amendment to the Children and Families Bill which will strengthen the rights of parent carers of children under 18, Carers UK Policy Director Emily Holzhausen, said

“We are delighted that the Government is introducing this change to include parent carers in new stronger rights.This is a victory for parent carers who have joined us to take the case to Parliament and Ministers that the rights of carers of disabled children must be strengthened.

We know that parents of disabled children struggle to have their caring role recognised. Our research found that whilst a third (32%) of all full-time carers go without any practical support this rises to almost half (47%) of carers caring for disabled children under 18. Without the same rights to a carer’s assessment, getting support and recognition would be even harder.

Caring for a disabled child can take a huge toll on the health and well-being of their carers. Because of these proposed changes local authorities will now have a duty to promote the well-being of parent carers when they look at the needs of families with disabled children.

As the Care Bill streamlines and strengthens the rights of other carers, making local authority responsibilities for assessing their needs and promoting their well-being clearer, the Children and Families will now do the same for parent carers.”