Wheelchair users can now book an Uber in London using the app with UberWAV

This was introduced to give wheelchair users greater choice when travelling around their city.

Just like any other vehicle you can request using Uber, WAV is booked via the Uber smartphone app and offers a reliable, affordable and safe option to wheelchair users who want to travel easily around London.  Costing the same as Uber’s affordable uberX option, uberWAV offers parity and access for wheelchair users.

Since launching in May 2016, wheelchair users in London have already made thousands of journeys using the uberWAV and on average, wait just 15 minutes for a car to arrive.

uberWAV was recently recognised for this achievement in winning the Extra Costs Award at the Disability Smart Awards 2016.  This award is in collaboration with the Extra Costs Commission and supported by leading disability charity Scope, and was awarded to Uber for providing an option via the Uber platform that is geared towards reducing extra costs for disabled people and their families.

In order to make the rider’s experience as smooth as possible, the journey only begins once the rider is safely secured into the vehicle, meaning wheelchair users don’t have to rush to get in the vehicle.  In order to ensure the safety of riders who choose WAV, all vehicles have four-point tie-down safety straps, ensuring both rider and the specially-trained partner driver feel safe on their journey.  The flexibility of the Uber app allows users to track their journey and allows for immediate feedback via a ratings system from both the rider and the partner driver.

This instantaneous system helps to alleviate the inconvenience of lengthy complaint procedures and eliminates the need to speak to an operator.  All journeys are also paid electronically, meaning that there is no need to carry large amounts of cash.  Partner drivers are trained by Transport For All, a specialist organisation that aims to give drivers the tools and attitude to ensure high levels of customer service for disabled passengers.

Similarly, Uber offers ASSIST, another option for those with limited mobility.  ASSIST offers specially-trained partner drivers for those who need extra assistance when travelling.  As with uberWAV, uberASSIST is also bookable via the Uber app.


Get £15 off your first WAV or ASSIST ride by signing up to Uber at: http://get.uber.com/invite/DISRIGHTS17