Who is council housing for?

We would be grateful for your help in our consultation work about the future of housing in Southwark.

The basic problem is that there is not enough council housing for everyone who qualifies for it, and so there are 20,000 housing applicants on the waiting list. Many people will be unable to ever get an offer of a council home.

The council has to decide what to do about this problem.

Before we decide, we want to talk to Southwark residents who are interested in the question WHO IS THE COUNCIL FOR?

we want to invite you to a Focus Group on the 19th February at Peckham Library, 5th Floor, 122 Peckham Hill street, SE15 5JR between 5:15 pm – 7:15 pm.

As usual we will be able to offer you a gift of £10 to cover any travel costs and we’ll provide food and drink and a friendly, listening environment.

There will be about 8 people there who we have invited. the group will be different ages and from varied backgrounds. What you will have in common is a willingness to help the council come up with the right answer to the big question we are asking.

You will be told what happens to your ideas, so you know what difference your views have made to what to do. This will happen a few months after the focus group meeting, as there are a lot more people to talk to.

We will keep you informed of other ways that the council will be using to talk to local people, and you will be welcome to come along to those as well.