Young Carers Artists competition 2013

Young Carers! Take part in our annual artists competition.

You will need to create a picture or design on a landscape A4 size piece of paper. The design can be anything you like, use your imagination and make it bright and colourful! It may be drawn or painted in crayon,pastel,acrylics, poster colour,collage or a mix- use white or coloures paper and fill the paper with your design. so have fun and create something different!

There will be three winners who will receive a framed copy of their entry, a gift voucher for £25 and be invited to attend a presentation at the Carers Trust Network Conferernce on the 4 November 2013. The winning entries will be judged on the entry design and the artists age.

The closing date for entries is 30 August 2013

Additional information and entry forms can be downloaded from the Carers Enterprises website:

Please return your completed entry form by 30 August 2013 to:

Young Carers Artists Competition, Carers Enterprises, 10 Regent Place, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2PN

Please visit