Your experiences of caring – tell it like it is!

The past months have brought changes to the lives of disabled people and their families – cuts to services, large scale reform of benefits, all threaten to have a huge impact on carers’ lives. This is why we need your help to make the case for a better deal for carers.

Carers UK is conducting a major new research survey to examine the State of Caring in the UK. We need evidence on the impact of caring for ill, frail or disabled loved-ones on carers’ health, wellbeing, careers and finances.

Fill in our online survey about your experiences of caring at  Â

P.S. Because we want an in-depth picture of the State of Caring, the survey asks a lot of questions and takes about 20 minutes. If you would prefer not to provide some details you can skip certain questions – but it is really important we gather as much information from as many carers as possible so please answer as many as you can.

Nearly 1,500 carers have already completed the survey, but we need twice as many to make headlines! Your answers will help give us the evidence to fight for a better deal for carers like you.